De rerum natura libri sex

Small 8°  (168×112 mm.), cc.24 n.n. + pp.477(1).

Binding in limp vellum, floral decoration on plates. Some browned leaves. Dense notes handwritten of eighteen century at first and last paper. Exemplary reglèè.

Single philosophical work of Lucretius, edited by Obertus Gifenius (153 – 1604) with a biography of author and with the index written by Antoine Tyron, Estienne de Wallscourt and Quentin Stenhartsius.

A first edition was printed in 1565 and had the same title – page.
This is the best edition, revied in the past by a professor of law at Strasburg, Altdorf and Ingolstadt, mentor of the Emperoor Rodolf II. Latin poem about the natural knowledge of the time, including the teory of “Atom”.


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Century: 1500-1599