Ragionamenti del magnifico, e nobile caualiere Pietro Messia. Ne i quali, per marauiglioso modo, trattandosi di diuerse materie, si ha cognitione di molte, & varie cose, non più dette, nè scritte da altri

16° (145×100 mm.), cc.8 n.n. + cc.111. Modern binding in full marbled leather, gold title on spine. Small lacky at out border of the title – page. Initial and decorations in the text. Excellent conditions.

There are few informations about this author and his works; Born around the 1499 in Seville, had various public roles in his city to became the chronicler of Carlo V, when his predecessor died in 1545. It was an esponent of encyclopedism science of Renaissance, where it is kept, despite a numerouse changes, a traditional mindset.

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Century: 1500-1599