Elegiae III, et fragmenta cum interpretatione et notis Jos Scaligeri, Frid. Lindenbruchii, Nic. Heinsii, Theod. Goralli et aliorum – Legato con: P.Corneli Severi. AETNA, & quae supersunt fragmenta.Accessit Petri Bembi Aetna

16° (166×90 mm.), cc.24 n.n. + pp.180 + index + 3 plants about Roman coins – pp.224 + cc. 12 of index + one folding plate with view of Etna in Catania. Contemporary binding in full vellum, allegorical frontispiece with funeral procession, littles xilographic initials. Perfect conditions.

Albinovanus Pedo was a Roman poet of the Augustian age, a friend of Ovid. Of him we have only a fragment of his epic journey of the Germanic in North Sea, it conserbed in the History of Seneca. The three elegies  were assigned to him by Scaligero: two are of the death of Maecenas, and one is addressed to Livia for comfort her after the death of son Drusus. The second work includes the poem “Aetna”, the carm of “Appendix Vergiliana” on volcanic eruptions. On the testimony of Svetonio and Servio, “ Aetna” is an early work by Virgil. This story probably is not true because the poem was written before the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 d.c. and after Lucretius, of which there are some imitations.

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Century: 1700-1799