In the center of Rome near the Pantheon, a passion that is handed down. AL PANTHEON Welcome LIBRERIA ANTIQUARIA BORROMINI AL PANTHEON LIBRERIA ANTIQUARIA BORROMINI


The bookshop offers valuable books in line with customers’ requests.

Ranging from incunabula to printed editions between the 1500s and 1900s, you will find topics such as: Italian, Latin, Greek literature, architecture, science, medicine, geography, history, militaria, beautiful bindings and many other themes.

All volumes are appropriately preserved and subjected to numerous searches to provide the reader with a more accurate description. The purchase of ancient volumes or entire collections is carried out with extreme professionalism and confidentiality.

New York International Antiquarian Book Fair


Buying and selling: incunabula, printed editions between the 1500s and 1900s, signed, inscribed and collectibles.

Whatever your desire is, you can communicate it by email or by phone.
We will quickly send you everything we have available and will update you on any new arrivals.



Noemi, la giovanissima figlia del proprietario, ne sa quanto un bibliofilo. Una tappa obbligata per chi ama i libri antichi.

L’indirizzo è un passaggio obbligato per gli amanti dei libri antichi. Distribuito su tre livelli e in numerose stanzette a volta ottimamente illuminate, uno spazio raccolto e accogliente.